3 Minty

Hi everyone :-) I'm in my second week of the new school year and here's what I wore today. The mint knitted sweater I'm wearing was a spontaneous gift from my aunt I got when we were shopping at some little unknown shop (sorry, I can't remember the name). The only item I thought was pretty there, was this sweater. Underneath the sweater I'm wearing some kind of white bra/top, because the sweater is quite see through! I'm also wearing my MOTO Vintage High-Waisted Joni Jeans from Topshop. It was €47,is it just me or is that expensive for a pair of jeans? Anyway, they are worth it, because I rarely find high-waisted jeans that fit as perfect as these. I'm quite short and slender, and any jeans I try on are usually too long, or or too wide at the waist or hips. I'm wearing my low Chuck Taylor All Star's in white and the little black rucksack with silver studs is from Pull & Bear. And at last: my gold bracelet and necklace are from H&M and my gold watch is from River Island. I'm thinking of making a post on hair. As in... What I have learned and found out about how to properly take care of it. I don't even know if I would be giving you the right advice because obviously, I am not an expert AT ALL. But for some reason I have written about a whole page on what I should do to achieve luscious locks and get my hair in a healthy state. I know, I'm so desperate. So, we'll see. Have a nice evening and thanks for reading :-) x


2 Update

To give you some sort of an update and give my blog a somewhat more interesting look, here are a few photos I've recently took. Hope you like them x

1st Post

Hi everyone :-) after abandoning this blog for two years I've decided to get back on track and start blogging again. In the end it's what I really like to do and when I stopped blogging because I had to work hard for school, I replaced blogging with writing down everything that was in my head on paper. Which is practically the same thing if you think about it. I have given my blog a new lay-out and deleted all the posts from two years ago. Basically I'm starting over and I'm gonna try my best to post something every week or more and keep you happy. If you like what I post, though. And if anyone even reads my blog. Obviously. Anyway, I hope you will like it. Enjoy x