6 Minnie

Good evening! Here's today's outfit. I'm wearing just a simple oversized denim blouse with my high-waisted Topshop Joni jeans, pink necklace from H&M and white platforms from H&M. I also tried the outfit on with brown suede lace boots, with a wooden chunky heel from H&M. They're actually my mum's. And just for fun I put on these Minnie Mouse ears from a friend of mine. So that's it. Bye! 



Hey everyone! Sorry for abandoning this blog too often. I don't have a regular schedule for posting anything and most of the time there's nothing interesting going on in my life. When I do post, it's because I wanna show you an outfit or when I've bought new clothes or something, like right now. Here are my recent purchases! As you can see I'm preparing myself for the winter. :-) They're all nothing special really, but that's ok, I just needed warm clothing for a cold season. Oh and the earmuffs came with a pair of earplugs, so whenever I'm wearing my earmuffs, I can still listen to music, how smart! The two pairs of high-waisted jeans are from Topshop. I've had the denim ones for a longer time, I think I bought them in the summer. The pink pair is new! Gonna try posting another blog maybe this week, because there are still two pairs of shoes and a shirt on their way to moi, which I want to show you. Have a nice evening xoxo