10 Denim Dungarees

Good evening! Here's my outfit I wore today at school. I'm currently in the middle of a testweek. I am really busy studying all the time, so this post won't be very long. I bought a few new necklaces and earrings and my sister gave me her old dungarees. And ummm... I'm actually wearing a pyjama top underneath it to be honest. I can't help it, it looks really cute and they should just make regular tops like that, right... Well I hope you enjoyed! Bye xx


9 1st school outfit of 2O14

Hi everyone. How has your christmas and new years been? Mine were pretty exciting. :-) The rest of christmas break was nothing special, except for the sleep-over's with my friends and I also went ice-skating twice! Most of the time I was watching movies (Harry Potter, yay!) or sleeping. Today was the first day of school again and here's what I wore. I'm finally wearing the outfit I had made up in my mind a long time ago, but I couldn't wear it because the shoes took really long to be delivered. But here they are! I'm wearing it with my new oversized coat from Mango, new sparkly earrings, over-the-knee socks, black leather rucksack and my black cat-eye sunglasses (even though there's not much sunshine and I took the pics inside... Oh well). At school I wore my hair down by the way, with the scarf though. Hope you enjoyed and talk to you soon. :-) xx 


8 Happy Christmas!

Hello, happy belated christmas everyone! Here are a few photos of yesterday, celebrating christmas with my family. 
I celebrated christmas with my whole family and lots of food. And on christmas eve I celebrated christmas with my mother, sister, half-sister, my sister's boyfriend and my half-sister's mother. We ate Chinese fondue and opened christmas presents. I got a make-up brush set and a small leather backpack, a black beanie, Replay perfume and black cat-eye sunglasses. I really like my presents! At the end of the evening we watched Harry Potter, as always on christmas. :-) My sister and I both got a onesie as you can see on the photo with our little sister. The last photo is from yesterday with my little cousin. Hope you enjoyed and have a nice evening! X


7 Patent leather/beret/plaid

Hi! How are you all doing? Today I'm wearing my black beret, patent leather lace-up flats, patent leather Mango bag and my dark red and blue plaid coat from Pull&Bear. I didn't bother showing you what I'm wearing underneath it, because for me, the outfit isn't complete yet. I'm waiting for my heels from H&M to arrive, which will probably be in January... They're kind of faux Jeffrey Campbell LITA's, in black and I think they will suit better with the outfit I'm wearing than the lace-up's. Anyway, enjoy. Oh and have a nice evening! xxx


6 Minnie

Good evening! Here's today's outfit. I'm wearing just a simple oversized denim blouse with my high-waisted Topshop Joni jeans, pink necklace from H&M and white platforms from H&M. I also tried the outfit on with brown suede lace boots, with a wooden chunky heel from H&M. They're actually my mum's. And just for fun I put on these Minnie Mouse ears from a friend of mine. So that's it. Bye! 



Hey everyone! Sorry for abandoning this blog too often. I don't have a regular schedule for posting anything and most of the time there's nothing interesting going on in my life. When I do post, it's because I wanna show you an outfit or when I've bought new clothes or something, like right now. Here are my recent purchases! As you can see I'm preparing myself for the winter. :-) They're all nothing special really, but that's ok, I just needed warm clothing for a cold season. Oh and the earmuffs came with a pair of earplugs, so whenever I'm wearing my earmuffs, I can still listen to music, how smart! The two pairs of high-waisted jeans are from Topshop. I've had the denim ones for a longer time, I think I bought them in the summer. The pink pair is new! Gonna try posting another blog maybe this week, because there are still two pairs of shoes and a shirt on their way to moi, which I want to show you. Have a nice evening xoxo


3 Minty

Hi everyone :-) I'm in my second week of the new school year and here's what I wore today. The mint knitted sweater I'm wearing was a spontaneous gift from my aunt I got when we were shopping at some little unknown shop (sorry, I can't remember the name). The only item I thought was pretty there, was this sweater. Underneath the sweater I'm wearing some kind of white bra/top, because the sweater is quite see through! I'm also wearing my MOTO Vintage High-Waisted Joni Jeans from Topshop. It was €47,is it just me or is that expensive for a pair of jeans? Anyway, they are worth it, because I rarely find high-waisted jeans that fit as perfect as these. I'm quite short and slender, and any jeans I try on are usually too long, or or too wide at the waist or hips. I'm wearing my low Chuck Taylor All Star's in white and the little black rucksack with silver studs is from Pull & Bear. And at last: my gold bracelet and necklace are from H&M and my gold watch is from River Island. I'm thinking of making a post on hair. As in... What I have learned and found out about how to properly take care of it. I don't even know if I would be giving you the right advice because obviously, I am not an expert AT ALL. But for some reason I have written about a whole page on what I should do to achieve luscious locks and get my hair in a healthy state. I know, I'm so desperate. So, we'll see. Have a nice evening and thanks for reading :-) x