9 1st school outfit of 2O14

Hi everyone. How has your christmas and new years been? Mine were pretty exciting. :-) The rest of christmas break was nothing special, except for the sleep-over's with my friends and I also went ice-skating twice! Most of the time I was watching movies (Harry Potter, yay!) or sleeping. Today was the first day of school again and here's what I wore. I'm finally wearing the outfit I had made up in my mind a long time ago, but I couldn't wear it because the shoes took really long to be delivered. But here they are! I'm wearing it with my new oversized coat from Mango, new sparkly earrings, over-the-knee socks, black leather rucksack and my black cat-eye sunglasses (even though there's not much sunshine and I took the pics inside... Oh well). At school I wore my hair down by the way, with the scarf though. Hope you enjoyed and talk to you soon. :-) xx 

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